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Sports at St Mary's

At St Mary's, we believe in nurturing a love for play, active recreation, and sports from an early age. We understand the importance of instilling these values in our students to foster a lifelong passion for physical activity and healthy living.

With our great facilities, including spacious grass playing fields, outdoor basketball court, and engaging play equipment, sports and physical activities thrive at St Mary's.

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Whether it's individual pursuits or team endeavors, sports here are more than just games—they build physical fitness, forge camaraderie, and impart valuable lessons in teamwork and coordination.

Our young learners eagerly participate in various events throughout the year, ranging from whole school gatherings to Eastern and Southland competitions. Term 1, our students compete at an Athletics carnival, while Cross Country takes centre stage in Term 2. Additionally, we encourage our students to explore organized club sports such as rugby, tennis, football, and netball, fostering a well-rounded approach to physical activity.

Within our school, we offer a range of organised sports activities, including touch rugby, miniball, futsal, t-ball, and cricket. These activities are guided by coaches, often parents, siblings, or students from our neighboring St Peter's and Māruawai Colleges.

St Mary's actively participates in Inter-School competitions, such as the Southland Netball Festival, Rippa Rugby and Golf Tournaments, Southland Festival of Dance, and Catholic Schools Tournament.

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